Monthly Mitzvah: Tzedakah

Chabad celebrates 36 years in Oregon with Mitzvah Campaign

On Jan. 15, 1984 (Rosh Chodesh Shevat), Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm and family arrived in Portland and founded Chabad of Oregon. Chabad of Oregon now has 10 Chabad centers offering learning and outreach in communities around Oregon.
To celebrate 36 (double chai) years in Oregon, Chabad is promoting a different mitzvah for each month of this year. The celebration is based on the Mitzvah Campaign created by Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, z”l, in 1967.
In February, Chabad promoted Jewish education (Chinuch). Every Jewish boy and girl should receive a Jewish education, which ensures Jewish integrity, identity and a Jewish future. Chabad of Oregon has a day school, two preschools and five afternoon Hebrew schools to help educate children.
In March the mitzvah focus is Tzedakah: Give charity daily. When you give to the needy, you are serving as G-d’s emissary to provide for his creations. Keeping a charity box in your home and contributing a coin to it every day will teach you and your children the noble value of regular giving.
You may also purchase a tzedakah box from Chabad of Oregon for just $2. Call 503-957-7842.
“We’ll be glad to help,” says Rabbi Moshe Wilhelm. “For assistance or more information, call me at 503-957-7842.”


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