2021 Annual Report - August 6, 2021

Let me start by thanking so many of you for your kind and heartfelt expressions of sympathy on the passing of Michael Jeser (z”l). Your support means so much to his family and me.
I am very proud to share with our community the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s 2021 Annual ReportThe report, including our community’s incredible accomplishments over the past year, speaks for itself.
A few highlights:
  • Our total financial resource development efforts this year totaled $5,240,021 -- an incredible achievement! Our annual campaign alone raised $327,000 more than last year, an overall increase of 10%. We also received three new large endowment bequests.
  • I encourage you to read page 20 to get a fuller picture of the work of the Jewish Federation. We operate 23 programs and initiatives that benefit our entire Jewish community.
  • Almost every Jewish organization locally, nationally, and overseas that we fund received more money than they did the previous year through our allocations process and other funding streams. Please see the complete list of organizational/programmatic allocations on page 23.
  • THANK YOU to the thousands of donors to our annual campaign! Again, this year, we increased the number of donors to our campaign. A long-time Jewish communal leader once said, “The strength of the campaign is not measured on dollars raised (can be impacted by the economy, people who move, deaths, etc.), but on how many donors you have.”
  • The Donor Honor Roll in the report is one way we recognize the families who contribute to our annual campaign. I have shared in the past that the scariest day of the year is when we finalize the Annual Report. No matter how many times we may review the document, errors happen. We apologize for any omissions or errors – please contact me so we can correct our records.
  • Please turn to page 32 and see our leadership team for next year. The Jewish Federation has an incredible Governing Board and professional team. I am blessed to work with them every day and greatly value their service to our Jewish community. I use those words intentionally. Although they are the leadership for the Jewish Federation, their focus is not what may be prudent only for our organization, but what is best for the entire Greater Portland Jewish community and beyond.
I want to thank Jodi Garber-Simon, Jewish Federation’s Director of Marketing, Laura Renner-Satushek, Jewish Federation’s Database Manager, others on our professional team, and Morel Ink for putting this together so quickly. These reports take an enormous amount of effort. I am proud of our transparency and amazed that our fiscal year ended on June 30 and we are able to share this report with the community basically one month later.
Please take the time to read the report, take pride in our community’s achievements, feel free to call (503-245-6219) or email with any questions or comments, and know that all of this is made possible by you and your generosity.
As Lauren Goldstein, Jewish Federation’s Chair of the Board, always says, “When we come together, great things happen!”
Shabbat shalom.
Marc N. Blattner
President and CEO
PS – As mentioned, errors do happen. On page 23, where we list Moishe House receiving 423,920, it should read $23,920 (note on a keyboard the “4” and “$” are the same key).


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