No Israeli ceasefire until Hamas’s terrorist infrastructure is destroyed and the Israeli hostages freed!


Dear Elected Officials:


Life for Israelis and Jews around the world changed on October 7 when Hamas murdered 1200 Israelis and kidnapped more than 240, including infants, women and Holocaust survivors. The acts committed by Hamas on that day were heinous and barbaric: mothers and fathers slaughtered in front of their children, babies beheaded and burned alive, entire families killed, young concertgoers raped and murdered. It is important to keep these horrifying images front and center when hearing from constituents demanding an “immediate ceasefire.” 


We are truly saddened by casualties among innocent non-combatants in Gaza, yet we believe the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is making every possible effort to avoid civilian deaths. Israel is not perfect, and this war is particularly complex. This is especially the case because Hamas is preventing Palestinian non-combatants from evacuating to safer areas in southern Gaza and using them as human shields, placing their tunnels, command-and-control centers and weapons facilities under apartment buildings, hospitals, schools, mosques, and other civilian infrastructure.

Notably, Israel completely withdrew its military from Gaza in 2005 and forcibly evacuated 8,500 Israelis living in Gaza. There was no occupation, no blockade, but rather a chance for Gaza to become a peaceful enclave next to Israel. Less than two years later, however, Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of Israel and the murder of every Jew in the world, forcibly took over Gaza from the Palestinian Authority. What followed were thousands of rockets targeting Israeli civilians.


And then came October 7.


WE THE UNDERSIGNED believe the U.S. must continue to give Israel the time it needs to rescue the hostages, destroy Hamas, and rid itself and the Palestinian people of this genocidal terrorist organization. While we support the current pauses for humanitarian aid into Gaza, a ceasefire now would simply enable Hamas to rebuild, re-arm and begin planning the next attacks, which its spokesmen have already promised are coming. Let Israel complete its mission and thereby create the conditions for a better future for both the Israeli and Palestinian people.