19 2023

EJC Presents: The Art and Practice of Hebrew Scribing

7:00PM - 9:00PM  

Eastside Jewish Commons 2420 Ne Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232

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$ Cost $ 600.00

Traditional Hebrew scribing is equally a visual art practice as it is a spiritual practice. In this weekly 2-hour class we will learn the basics of Hebrew scribing from within the thousands year-old tradition. Our learning together will include shaping the letters, cutting quills, writing on parchment as well as halachot (Jewish law), midrashim (legends) and mystical teachings of the aleph-bet. We will also examine the contemporary role of women and non-gender conforming individuals as scribes and will take a peek into the world of sustainable parchment making practices.

Ten classes ($600 pays for all ten. Attendees must register for entire course). Each class builds on the one before. No previous experience required. For those who are interested in continuing their studies, group and individual classes will be an option. This course must register 6 students in order to run. Be sure to share with your friends!

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Class Schedule

Tuesdays: September 19th through December 5th, 7-9PM (No class on November 14th and November 21st)

About Shoshana:

Shoshana was one of the first women in modern times to train and practice as a Torah scribe. She has led the scribing of two Torah scrolls written collectively and exclusively by women. Her scribal work inspired her international Jewish women artists collaboration, Women of the Book, launched with the Jerusalem Biennale 2015. Today her work as a scribe manifests through Or Hadash | עור חדש an art in(ter)vention into the contemporary parchment making industry, offering an alternative to the current reliance on industrial agriculture by returning the making of parchment for Hebrew scribes to the land, the people, and the animals they tend. Shoshana is a graduate of the Portland State University MFA in Art and Social Practice program and is the Co-Founder and Director of Art/Lab, an artist residency for Jewish Portland-area contemporary artists. Visit:

Sponsor: Eastside Jewish Commons