The Solomon’s Legacy Society is named after Portland’s Judge Gus Solomon (above) and King Solomon.

The Solomon’s Legacy Society is an affinity group of Jewish attorneys, judges, and law students in Greater Portland area that strengthens relationships through educational, social, and philanthropic activities, as well as offering opportunities for networking and leadership roles within the Jewish community.

When you get involved with Solomon’s Legacy Society, you can:


•             Develop camaraderie with other Jewish legal professionals in the local community.

•             Strengthen your commitment to Jewish values and traditions through educational  
               and cultural programs

•             Explore legal issues from a Jewish perspective

             Earn C.L.E. credits

•             Foster leadership among Jewish attorneys, judges, and law students within the
               organized Jewish community


The Solomon’s Legacy Society is Chaired by Marshal P. Spector, Attorney
Solomon’s Legacy Committee:

Julie Caron, Associate Vice President, Global Diversity & Inclusion: Title IX & ADA Coordinator, Portland State University
Max Forer, Attorney
Eric Kodesch, Attorney
Professor Rebekah Hanley, University of Oregon School of Law
Eli Pite, student, Lewis & Clark Law School
Laura Polster, Attorney
Rob Shlachter, Attorney and Mediator
Chuck Tauman, Attorney (retired)
Martha Izenson, Attorney


To learn more please contact Marc Blattner at or call (503) 245-6482

Amos Guiora

The Enabler and the Bystander, May 27, 2021

Join us:
Tuesday, November 15, 2022

12:00 PM - 1:15 PM (PDT)