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    Marc Blattner remembers the day his path became clear. 
    It was 1987. Blattner was the Grand Alpha Godol of the Grand Order of the Aleph Zadik Aleph (AZA), the male arm of B’nai B’rith Youth Organization (BBYO). After a trip to New York City, where his sister ...

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    “We can’t be silent anymore,” Jewish Federation of Greater Portland Director of Community Relations Bob Horenstein told a packed Stampfer Chapel at Congregation Neveh Shalom the evening of Monday, June 3. “That’s what you are here for.”
    Ceasing to be s...

  • The Jewish Review staff
    In Israel, even in the midst of war and terrorism, groundbreaking research to improve lives in the Jewish state and beyond continues. 
    The Kasser Joint Institute for Global Food, Water and Energy Security is just one example of that work – work which will be on display ...

    In previous columns, I’ve written about Oregon’s DOJ Bias Response Hotline. Those articles were largely directed to individual community members to increase awareness about reporting incidents and what rises to the level of a reportable event. In this column, I’d like to...

    The Jewish Review
    As the academic year comes to a close on college campuses around the Portland metro area, Jewish students and the professionals that support Jewish life on campuses are taking stock of all that’s happened. What was already a challenging environment post-Oct. 7 r...

    The Jewish Review
    In the months since the Oct. 7 terror attacks, as Israel has been gripped by war, few organizations have been positioned to support those suffering like Dror Israel.
    You can hear all about that work at two upcoming presentations from Noam Schlanger, Dror Israel’...

    You’re headed to the grocery store and there’s a car accident in front of you. Your neighbor is mowing the lawn in flip-flops and runs over his foot. Your friend is injured while chopping kindling for the backyard firepit. These are the everyday occurrences that can turn q...

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    One of the Pacific Northwest’s most beloved Jewish institutions has a new name. 
    B’nai B’rith Camp announced at their annual BB Bash Saturday, Apr. 27 that the organization is rebranding to BB360. The new identity incorporates all the ongoing activities tha...

    The Jewish Review
    It’s unusual for someone to leave the impact on a community that Rabbi Mel Young, z”l, left on Portland. For almost everyone who does so, it takes a whole career, or even a whole lifetime. 
    For Rabbi Young, who passed away Sunday, Mar. 31 at the age of 72, it...

    The Jewish Review
    The bima at Congregation Beth Israel will look very different in the not-too-distant future.
    The synagogue recently announced plans for significant clergy transitions, the most immediate of which will be the retirement of Senior Cantor Ida Rae Cahana in 2025. Her...

    These have been particularly challenging days. I often find myself speaking with individual community members who are struggling to feel secure, are anxious or angry about what they see in the news, concerned about family members (particularly children in school and on college...

    The Jewish Review
    The Associated Press estimated that in January of this year, approximately 245,000 Jewish Holocaust survivors are living worldwide, out of just under 16 million Jews worldwide. It’s harder to establish just how many survivors are living in the Portland Metropol...

    The Jewish Review
    Nestled downstairs under the Stampfer Chapel at Congregation Neveh Shalom, in a room dominated by heating and ventilation equipment, is a collection of items that fills one of the areas greatest and least known needs: durable medical equipment, readily accessible ...

    The Jewish Review
    One of Passover’s most memorable traditions is the four cups of wine consumed during the course of a seder. But another tradition often observed before Pesach makes use of a different liquid: water, specifically the waters of a mikvah.
    Rabbi Chanan Spivak, the R...

    A couple of weeks ago, a swatting event occurred at Mittleman Jewish Community Center and Portland Jewish Academy. It was an unsettling event for many people who witnessed the police response and for those who subsequently heard about it and had to wait and wonder about what w...

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    For The Jewish Review

    It’s Passover season, one of the most delicious times of the year. Here is our round-up of where to buy the tastiest holiday treats for 2024.

    Are you co...

    The Jewish Review
    A year ago, 200 Portlanders headed out on what proved to be the adventure of a lifetime.
    All clad in matching blue shirts, the participants in the PDXIsrael 2023 mission had been anticipating the adventure – some for as many as four years. The journey was an am...

    The Jewish Review
    At long last, Avi Melamed arrived at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center, in the flesh, to talk about what’s happening in Gaza, Israel and the surrounding region.
    The author of “Inside The Middle East” and the founder of the organization that bears the sa...

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