The Jewish Review
    Through the recent ice storm, there were numerous stories of members of Portland’s Jewish community supporting one another. Many of these were on an individual level – friends and family staying over to cope with a loss of power or a damaged home. But few were...

    The Jewish Review
    Frieda Cohen, z”l, “was a force of nature,” her son, Richard Cohen said.
    Frieda Cohen, who passed away Wednesday, Jan. 24 at the age of 103, certainly had an immense impact—in her lifetime-- in business, with her family and at Congregation Shaarie Torah, w...

    The Jewish Review
    Every weekend, Noga Vilan is standing outside, holding a sign.
    In rain, sunshine or even – as happened late in January - ice. Sometimes there are many people around her, sometimes only a few. The signs she holds each weekend bear the faces and the names of host...

    “I was sitting on a beach one summer day, watching two children, a boy and a girl, playing in the sand. They were hard at work building an elaborate sandcastle by the water’s edge, with gates and towers and moats and internal passages. Just when they had nearly finished t...

    The Jewish Review
    For those who were missing Moishe Pod West PDX after the departure of Owen Broder and Shelly Zeiser last summer, the Pod is back!
    Cousins David Stein and Sam Greene have taken over the Pod, located in West Portland, and are already making their mark with monthly S...

    The Jewish Review
    Among the many connecting threads through Jewish history is the Hebrew language. Passing that language – and everything that goes with it – along makes Hebrew teachers in Jewish schools an essential link in the chain of the transmission of Jewish culture. Thos...

    Let’s talk about Amalek, the prototypical enemy of the Jewish people. We meet his tribe for the first time in this week’s Torah portion, B’shalach. In this portion, we cross the Sea of Reeds and obtain our first taste of freedom. But then the grumbling begins. The freed...

    The Jewish Review
    If you walk into the main lobby of Portland Jewish Academy and look up, you’ll be met with quite the sight – hundreds of blue and white paper birds – doves – together with a simple wish in Hebrew; “Shalom.” (peace)
    “Doves of Hope and Peace” is the...

    The Jewish Review
    In recent months, the Portland Kollel has welcomed a pair of new rabbis, both moving to Oregon from Jerusalem.
    Rabbi Dovid Gleizer joined the Kollel as Rosh Beit Medrash in November, coming from Jerusalem’s Mir Yeshiva.
    “We spent six years there and we were l...

  • The Jewish Review staff
    Portland is lucky to have five Jewish overnight camps nearby. B’nai B’rith Camp began in 1921. Camp Solomon Schechter was founded by Portland Rabbi Joshua Stampfer, z”l, in 1954. Each year, Congregation Ahavath Achim encourages families to explore the Sephardic Adven...

    Ever since I arrived in the Pacific Northwest, I promised never to take this region’s natural beauty for granted. I continue to be amazed by the scenery, the rolling hills, the vibrant colors, the foggy mist and even the consistent precipitation. I make it a priority to hik...

    The Jewish Review
    For the group of Portlanders who travelled to Israel in early December to bear witness to the aftermath of the Oct. 7 terror attacks, the first reminders of the state of the country they were coming to came before they’d even officially arrived.
    “As we lande...

    The Jewish Review
    Those passing by Congregation Kesser Israel will likely notice a new addition to the property, but the idea for this addition is not new at all.
    The congregation completed the installation of a seven-foot wrought iron fence around the perimeter of the synagogue...

    The Jewish Review
    Portland Jewish Academy’s MLK Day of service is back this year and looking to be bigger than ever as it expands to welcome community members beyond the student body.
    The Work For The World Fair, set for Monday, Jan. 15 from 1-3 pm at PJA, brings back the annual ...

    When we face misfortune, pain or suffering, we can easily ask, “Where is God? How is God allowing this to happen?”
    Our ancient ancestors must have asked similar questions. This week’s Torah portion is Sh’mot, the start of the Book of Exodus. This portion describes the...

    The Jewish Review
    With the physical darkness of winter and the psychological darkness of war and rising antisemitism, it’s hard to remember a year where the light of Chanukah would be more welcome.
    Chanukah, running from Dec. 7-15 this year, marks the rededication of the Second T...

    The Jewish Review
    While Thursday, Nov. 16’s Impact event, hosted by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland’s Women’s Philanthropy, was an evening of celebration and fun, there were certainly also serious topics to address.
    The evening’s keynote speaker, ABC journalist J...

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