Israel and Overseas


The Israel and Overseas Department builds local community connection to Israel, funds and helps implement overseas designated projects, and participates in the collective support for world Jewry.


Missions to Israel and to other overseas Jewish communities serve to strengthen Jewish identity, build Jewish community, and grow Jewish philanthropy.


Through missions and exchange programs, the Federation’s Israel and Overseas Department enhances individual experiences through ongoing, people-to-people relationships.


Strengthening Jewish communities in Israel and around the world has always been, and remains, a top priority for the Federation.

Portland Reaches Out Worldwide


The Overseas Special Projects Committee earmarks funds for programs in Israel that help vulnerable populations break the cycle of poverty, to empower individuals and families to improve their lives.


Overseas Special Projects 2020-2021

Be-Atzmi--workforce integration

ERAN--mental health first-aid 

Hasharon Sexual Assault Crisis Center

Hillel Right to Choose--supports ultra-Orthodox entering secular society

Jerusalem Open House--LGBTQ Community Center

Krembo Wings--all-inclusive youth movement

Neve Michael--children's crisis center

Nitzan--learning disabilities

Temech--Haredi women employment training


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Krembo Wings

Headlines from Israel and Around the World

UIA understands that the Green Line is defined as the June 1967 boundaries, plus the City of Jerusalem, as defined by the State of Israel. 

No core Federation dollars go beyond the Green Line. Federation core dollars provide social services for Jews in need wherever they live in the world, as we have for more than 100 years. 

UIA does not fund, nor does it build, any buildings beyond the Green Line.

If an individual donor or foundation wishes to designate funds beyond the Green Line for educational or social services that are within the purposes of UIA, UIA will generally accept such funding recommendations in order to make a grant to a registered amutah