Beit Am Mid-Willamette Valley Jewish Community

4318 NW Circle Blvd.
Corvallis, OR 97330

P: 541-753-0067

Beit Am is committed to providing a multiplicity of religious, educational and social services and opportunities to the Jewish community of the mid-Willamette Valley. Our intention is to offer diverse opportunities for Jewish religious worship, provide quality education, maintain structures for charitable activities, and provide social activities that will reinforce a sense of community. Explicit in our mission is a desire to encourage a strong sense of community responsibility.

Beit Am supports religious, educational, cultural, social, and charitable activities of the Jewish community in the Mid-Willamette Valley in Oregon, USA. The mid-Willamette Valley includes the towns of Albany, Blodgett, Dallas, Depoe Bay, Lebanon, Monmouth, Newport, Philomath, Seal Rock, Sweet Home, Tangent, and Waldport, as well as Corvallis.

Mailing: PO Box 1143, Corvallis, Oregon 97339-1143