Havurah Shalom: Reconstructionist

825 NW 18th Ave
Portland, OR 97209

P: 503-248-4662

Havurah Shalom is located in NW Portland, Oregon. We are affiliated with Reconstructionist Judaism, a progressive, contemporary approach to Jewish life that integrates a deep respect for traditional Judaism with the insights and ideas of contemporary social, intellectual, and spiritual life.

Havurah Shalom is a dynamic community of people dedicated to diversity in Jewish religious expression.  Havurah was founded in 1978. We believe that each individual can make a personal connection with Judaism.  We are a participatory congregation. While we have a wonderful Rabbi, Educator, and administrative staff, members do much of the work other congregations delegate.  We believe this makes for a richer individual experience, deepens family relationships, and creates a stronger, more intertwined community.

Havurah Shalom aims to create identification with Judaism through participation in shared religious and educational experiences.  We foster a creative and innovative religious atmosphere in keeping with Jewish traditions and ethics.  Each member has the opportunity for equal participation in determining the direction and goals of the congregation. Havurah Shalom is affiliated with the Reconstructionist Movement.

Havurah Shalom is located in NW Portland at 825 NW 18th, between Johnson and Kearney. Visit our Directions page to learn more about how to find us and the directions to our cemetery.