Israeli Dancing with Donna Cole

8936 SW 17th Ave
Portland, OR 97219

Anne Woods

Israeli Dancing is social dancing to great music. Come to open session Israeli dancing or sign up for an Israeli dance class. Even if you haven't done Israeli dancing before, you can still come to an open session and see what it's like. Check the website for a video that shows how much fun this is.

Recreational Israeli dance is a cultural phenomenon in Israel. This is the now of Israel. New Israeli dances are being choreographed to new music all the time. If you take a class with us, you will be learning older Israeli folk dances first because they are often easier to learn than the newer dances. Israelis also dance these older dances in Israeli dance sessions today, mixed in with the current dances. Once you learn a few basic steps, you will be ready to begin learning newer dances with a newer beat. We are keeping track of the new popular dances, and are always adding to our repertoire.

Is this the same as "Israeli Folk Dancing"? Yes, it goes by both names. In the U.S. people often think of folk dancing as a dance done in traditional costumes to traditional music performed on a stage at a cultural heritage festival. That's not what we do. First off, Israeli folk dance sessions are social dancing--not performances. Second off, a lot of the music is contemporary and doesn't necessarily even sound Middle Eastern except for the Hebrew lyrics.

We have two locations: Leedy Grange in NW Portland, and Burlingame Water Tower in SW Portland.