Oregon Kosher


P: 503-343-3497
F: 503-343-3318

A full service regional Kosher agency with a reputation for Kosher expertise in both the retail and industrial field. Oregon Kosher is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Kashrus through supervision, education, and research.

Kosher supervision has a long and rich history here in Oregon. Oregon Kosher began servicing the general kosher keeping public in Portland in 1997 under the leadership of Rabbi Yehuda Oppenheimer. In 2005, Rabbi Zalman Krems was hired as the kashrus administrator for Oregon Kosher. Since then we have expanded significantly, and have been instrumental in increasing the kosher options available locally (please check out the local kosher institutions section of our website). We also aid the public through many services, such as: kosher supervision, classes that are open to the public, kashering keilim for pesach and providing consumer information both on Pesach and year round. We have forged strong and lasting relationships with international hechsherim, and certify many food production facilities, bakeries, and wineries here in the Pacific Northwest. We have become an affordable kosher.