PDX MOTS (30s-50s Members of the Tribe)

Calling 30s-40s year old MOTs of Portland! Looking for a place meant solely for you in PDX where you can create friendships and kick back with a good group of people? We are definitely part of that puzzle. 

We provide fun adults-only ways to meet our fellow members of the tribe while enjoying what Portland has to offer. This group is for MOTs who at least identify as culturally Jewish. Our goal is to provide a fun, easy way to bring together everyone else in their 30s and 40s.

Whether it's happy hour, meeting at a food truck pod, heading to the latest movie or onto a great trail, Shabbat dinners, Jewish Holiday activities, or of course enjoying some of the other organized Jewish events around town... the goal is to get together more often and to make more Jewish friends.

Events will often have a loose Jewish twist to it (ie Jewish head chef for a foodie event). Feel free to join regardless of whether single or married (inc. interfaith), etc. The pre-requisites are that you self-identify as Jewish, fall within the ages mentioned above and are based in Portland. 

Our mission is to build a fun, close-knit community of Jews in this age range. We always have a great time together. There are definitely regulars and also new people that come to events and quickly become regulars as well. If you come looking to build friendships with other Jews your age, you will likely find you love the group.

This magnificent city is our oyster. Let's enjoy it together!
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