Portland Kollel

6682 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219

P: 503-245-5420

Our Mission

Our mission is to help build a vibrant Jewish community of engaged individuals in Portland.

The Kollel Does What?

We provide educational and social programming to help others find a meaningful way to connect with the Jewish community.
   We offer a rich source of elementary and advanced Jewish learning. 
   We engage affiliated and unaffiliated members of the community through meaningful Jewish based experiences. 
   We facilitate Jewish continuity in Portland by connecting Jewish youth and young families. 

Who Is The Kollel Meant To Service?

Whether you're Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, unaffiliated or somewhere in between, your most vibrant source for Jewish learning in Portland is the Portland Kollel. With classes, programs and informal settings throughout the city, the Portland Kollel brings a new perspective of meaning to everyday Jewish life. By uniting fellow Jews through Jewish education, the Kollel is helping build a new dimension of vibrancy in our  community.

Our Dream

Our dream is for Portland to develop into a viable option for anyone in search of a vibrant Jewish community.