The Laurie Rogoway

Outstanding Jewish Professional Award

The Laurie Rogoway Outstanding Jewish Professional Award is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland in recognition of Laurie Rogoway, a pillar of Jewish leadership for over 30 years in Portland.


The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual currently working in a professional capacity at a Jewish communal organization in Greater Portland. The nominee must demonstrate outstanding professional work and a commitment to the field of Jewish professional leadership. 

The winner will receive up to $1800 to subsidize a professional development experience or program. 

Applications for

2024 are now NOW CLOSED!


The Nominee Should Have:


• Commitment to Jewish professional leadership.

• Commitment to the future vitality and vibrancy of the Jewish community and people.

• Knowledge of the issues facing the Jewish community. 

• Approach to Jewish communal service in a creative and innovative way.

• Ability to work as a team player and work collaboratively in the larger community.

• Interest in continuing professional development in the field of Jewish communal service.

Eligibility Criteria:


• The nominee must be an entry to mid-level Jewish professional (e.g. not a member of an organization's executive/senior leadership team).

• The nominee may be an employee from any Jewish professional discipline (e.g. synagogue, education, etc.) working in a non-clergy role.

• The nominee must be a current employee of a Greater Portland-area Jewish organization, and must have worked in the Greater Portland Jewish community for at least 3 years.

• The nominee must demonstrate interest in continuing a career in Jewish professional leadership.

• Professional development would have a meaningful impact on the nominee's professional abilities/expertise.

Responsibilities And Expectations of award winners:


• Attend Federation Annual Meeting June 6, 2024 to receive the Rogoway Award.

• Develop a utilization plan (including estimated costs) within four months of receiving award and present plan to JFGP for approval.

• Serve on the JFGP Selection Committee for this award the following year.

• Monies awarded must be used within 18 months of the award being presented to recipient.

• Integrate the information they obtained through professional enrichment experience into their work as a Jewish communal professional.

• Submit a written summary/deliver a presentation on the professional development experience.

Nomination Components


1. Nomination Form HERE.


2. TWO recommendation forms, link to complete HERE



NOTE: Please notify the Nominee of your Nomination. Once we receive your completed application, we'll send the Nominee a separate application form. 

Previous Winners


Andy Gitelson
Jemi Kostiner Mansfield
Ben Winkleblack
Ben Charlton
Eve Levy
Sonia Marie Leikam
Rachel Nelson 
Missy Fry
Alisha Babbstein