Group connects families with caregivers, educators

Let My Parents Work is a Facebook group created to connect Jewish families, recent college grads, educators and caregivers to fill the child-care gap. Parents are going to need help with their kids this year. Whether school is online, hybrid or some other alternative, nothing about this year is going to be normal. 
“Families with school-age children are struggling with how to work and ensure their children can participate in online schooling and other activities,” says Caron Blau Rothstein, director of community planning & allocations for the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland. Caron was part of the national conversation that created the group and serves as an administrator of the group.
“Older students in college, recent graduates and even some educators are looking for work options now that their circumstances are different under COVID, too,” says Caron. “Let My Parents Work is a way for these groups to connect with one another and help each other out – caregivers for school-aged families and work for college age younger adults and educators.”
This group is for Jewish families to connect with Jewish caregivers, former camp counselors, teachers, babysitters and more. Locale-specific threads enable members to search in their geographic area.
Caron became involved when she answered a query by Rabbi Yael Buechler in the Facebook Jewish women’s group around this issue. Rabbi Buechler, who is the lower school rabbi at the Leffell School in Westchester, N.Y., brought together a small group to work behind the scenes to address this need in a systematic way.
“The idea of a Jewish child-care network came to me after reading about how, during the Great Depression, the Jewish community worked together to support recent college grads and young professionals who were seeking employment,” says Rabbi Buechler, the parent of a toddler and preschooler. “Several parents across America joined on a Zoom call to brainstorm this idea, and many of them are now involved in moderating and publicizing the Let My Parents Work Facebook group.”
Join the Let My Parents Work Facebook group today if you are a family seeking support or a person seeking an opportunity to work with a family or family pod this year.
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