Heal the World: Volunteer

Photo: Sew to Save is one of many organizations you can connect with to help in these unusual times that call for action on many fronts.

When COVID-19 forced people to Stay Home, community members volunteered to shop for groceries, pick up prescriptions and make telephone reassurance calls to those at higher risk from COVID-19.
Now with our state beginning to reopen against the backdrop of social unrest and the Black Lives Matter movement, many feel compelled to help in more and different ways. Hands-on volunteerism is an important way for us to lend our time, talents and energy towards the greater good in accordance with our Jewish values.
To connect people with more and different ways to help, the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland has assembled a list (by no means exhaustive) of organizations in greater Portland that will benefit from your good deeds. In fact, we’ve partnered with many of these organizations during our Good Deeds Days of service in the past. 
Volunteering is, in essence, holy work. Tikkun olam – repair the world – is at the core of Jewish volunteering: The world may be imperfect, but we have the obligation to help make it better, more whole. The Jewish Federation is excited to be your partner in finding meaningful volunteer opportunities. 
On the volunteer webpage, we’ve grouped organizations over the next three months around a monthly theme, but all will welcome your efforts any time. The July theme of food insecurity features organizations such as Oregon Food Bank and Store to Door. The August theme, Homelessness, highlights Cascadia Clusters and Community Warehouse, among others. September’s theme of Women & Girls includes eight organizations including Dress for Success and Raphael House. 
Please check a particular organization’s website as policies and procedures may change at any time during the phased reopening during COVID-19.


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