Jewish preschools keep kids connected

Most of Portland’s Jewish preschools are offering some virtual options or check-ins with their families. Additionally, Maayan Torah Preschool offers public YouTube videos with stories and activities, and Congregation Neveh Shalom’s Foundation School has public morning activities on their Facebook page
“As both a parent in one of our Jewish preschools and the (Jewish Federation of Greater Portland) Director of Educational Initiatives, I am so appreciative of the efforts of all our preschools and day schools to continually provide touch points and interactive programming for our Jewish community in this new and
ever-evolving time,” says Rachel Nelson. “Even with technology challenges, our educators are going above and beyond each day to make sure our families are connected in fun and innovative ways.”
The teachers in Portland Jewish Academy’s Early Childhood program are communicating virtually with students and their families, providing projects, activities, stories, songs, and other learning opportunities. There have been live Zoom meetings with some of the classes and some have provided daily videos trying to simulate what learning looks like in school for the children. Music, art and Hebrew specialists also have provided activities and videos for use at home.
Maayan Torah preschoolers can interact with their classmates during morning Zoom calls or watch the public YouTube videos later in the day.
 “Our main goal is for the children to have some consistency and to have contact with their friends,” says Maayan Torah Director of Early Childhood Education Tia Weniger. “It’s life altering when you are 3 and don’t get that.”
Maayan’s short public videos include videos such as: The Book With No Pictures with Morah Katria; What is Echolocation? Fun experiment; Pesach storytime with Morah Frumie and Chayala; and a Shabbat Party with the Morahs. The videos can be seen at:



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