Be a JFCS history sleuth

PHOTO: JFCS Board Vice President Bill Treuhaft and wife, JoAnne Treuhaft, carefully comb through JFCS documents, but they need help from you. Photo by Robyn Taylor.

This is the 75th year of Jewish Family and Child Service – the perfect opportunity to celebrate the agency’s past presidents and remember those who were in that role but are no longer with us. Yet, JFCS is stuck: We have an incomplete list of past presidents, including their years of service.
Here is where you come in: Please reference the list below. If you recognize a name (or two) missing, or can fill in a blank beside an individual’s name where their years of service should be, please email the information to JFCS Communications Manager Jenn Director Knudsen at
Thank you for channeling your inner Sherlock Holmes! You can help ensure that all of JFCS’ past presidents receive the recognition they deserve for their support of the community’s only Jewish social services agency.

____ : Marianne Buchwalter, z”l
____ : May Georges, z”l
____ : Clifford Alterman, z”l
____ : Pearl Gevurtz, z”l
____ : Leonard Goldberg, z”l
____ : Elaine (Weil) Savinar
____ : Richard (Dick) Dobrow
____ : Alan Goldsmith, z”l
____ : Harriet Steinberg Towne, z”l
1962-64: Leah Durkheimer, z”l
1964-66: Eve Rosenfeld
1966-68: Madeline Nelson, z”l
____ : Merritt Yoelin, z”l
1969: Alan Goldsmith
1970s: Jack Schwartz
____ : Yonah Geller, z”l
____ : Frances Markewitz, z”l
____ : Augusta Reinhardt, z”l
____ : Charlotte Schwartz, z”l
1980s: 1st Beverly Bookin
1985: Steve Kantor, z”l
1989-91: Mark Rosenbaum
1997-98: Bernard Asarnow
1997-98: Bernice Shulevitz, z”l
1998-99: Howard Feldman
2001: Lucy Kivel
____ : Lesley Isenstein
____ : Deena Klein
____ : Betsy Russell
2002-04: 2nd Beverly Bookin
2005-06 & 2008: I. Kenneth Davis
2007: Michael Wendrow
____ : Miriam Feder
2010-14: Michael Millender
2014-17: Les Soltesz, z”l
2017-19: Lee Cordova
2019-23: Larry Holzman



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