Kollel looks to future

PHOTO: Rabbi Chanan Spivak, who will lead the Portland Kollel after the Fischers' departure, presented a "glance" at the future of the Kollel during a community Zoom meeting May 24.

The Portland Kollel plans to continue to build a strong Torah community and to enhance community engagement even as founding Rosh Kollel Rabbi Tzvi Fischer leaves next month (jewishportland.org/jewishreview/jr-stories/kollels-fischers-to-move).
Rabbi Chanan Spivak, who will step up to lead the Kollel, emphasized that the plans he shared May 24 had been in the works for more than six months. Kollel leadership has been meeting to consider "What is Kollel going to look like after COVID?"
Rabbi Spivak said the Kollel wants to live up to its tagline to help pepole "discover their Jewish connection."
When the Kollel launched in 2006, about 70% of its effort was to engage the community. 
"Most of our resources are being sought after from people
wanting to grow," he said, adding the Kollel meets people where they are, from beginners to scholars.
For now, Rabbi Fischer will continue to lead Oregon Kosher with Rabbi Tuvia Berzow. Rabbi Baruch Diskind will serve as COO of the Kollel, with Rabbi Spivak as CEO and Rosh Kollel.
The Kollel plans to hire four couples to focus on Torah community and later to hire a fifth "power couple" focused on outreach and engagement. 
The goal is to "strengthen within and build without," says Rabbi Spivak.


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