Supplemental Schools Roundup

PHOTO: Clockwise from top left, scenes from Kol Shalom Sunday School, Congregation Beth Israel Religious School and Nashira Project at Congregation Shir Tikvah. (Courtesy Photos)

Congregations throughout the Greater Portland area offer classes for children in Jewish traditions, cultural and religious practices. From providing an introduction to Jewish life to preparing for adulthood, these schools play an essential role in Jewish upbringing. 
The information below was furnished by congregations and edited for clarity and length. Did we miss someone? Email and let us know!

ALIYAH and Tichon programs (Congregation Neveh Shalom)
Contact: Mel Berwin, 503-246-8831, 
Ages/Grades Served: K-12
Times of Regular Sessions: K-6: Sunday mornings and individual Hebrew tutoring; 7-12: Wednesday evenings plus dinner.
Fees: Contact for more info on fee structure. Financial aid available. 
Description: Every child deserves to feel at home in Judaism! ALIYAH is a thriving Jewish education community that brings youth together in a joyful environment and builds real literacy and a sense of meaning. Our programs are inclusive, egalitarian, and innovative. Teens stay engaged through learning and leadership opportunities. Ask us about our Israeli Pathways program, offering culturally specific and Hebrew-language learning for Israeli children! 
How to Register: More information here: or contact Berwin

Congregation Beth Israel Religious School
Contact: Elisabeth Pierson, 503-222-1069,
Ages/Grades Served: PreK-12th Grade.
Times of Regular Sessions: Sundays, September 10, 2023-May 19, 2024. PreK-7th Grade: 9:30am-12:15pm (Virtual Hebrew/ B’nei Mitzvah study will take place in virtual small groups midweek.) 8th-12th Grade: 12:45-2:30pm. CBI Religious School follows PPS and Jewish calendar throughout the year for breaks and holidays.
Fees: Lower Elementary (PreK-2nd Grade): $656, Upper Elementary (3rd-5th Grade): $850, Middle School (6th/7th Grade): $1,290, High School (8th-12th Grade): $800. Early Bird $50 discount available through June 30. CBI believes that finances should not prevent a student, or family, from participating in Jewish education. Due to the generous donation of Ms. Renee Holzman, we are able to scholarship students of any age and grade. 
Description: CBI’s Religious School has something for all ages- whether it is a playful creative class for our younger students, B’nei Mitzvah preparation, or deep discussions with clergy. With a program that runs from PreK-12th grade, our community gets to watch a student grow up and into the greater community. Our students have the opportunity to deepen their Jewish knowledge past their B’nei Mitzvah year with social justice trips ( )   to Washington D.C, Arizona, L.A, the South, and L.A.  
How to Register: Registration is open to all Congregation Beth Israel members through our member portal, Shul Cloud:

Kol Ami Religious School
Contact: Abner Deitle, 360-896-8088 (ext. 130),
Ages/Grades Served: K-12
Times of Regular Sessions: Religious School occurs on Sundays from 10 am-12:15 pm. Hebrew School and B’nai Mitzvah training occurs on Thursdays from 4:30-6pm
Fees: Tuition for school is as follows:
Religious School (K-8th grades): $550 per child, $490 for additional children, $820 per child for non-members.Hebrew School: (Pre-B’nai Mitzvah, 4th-6th grades): $770 per child, $710 for additional children. B’nai Mitzvah Training (7th grade): $1,280 per child $1,220 for additional children. KAST Dues (9th-12th grades; includes annual NFTY dues): $550 per child, $490 for additional children.
Description:  We make efforts at Kol Ami to foster an interconnected community so that kids of all ages are interacting with each other and forming relationships, from kindergarten all the way up through 12th grade. Kids can come as they are and feel ownership of their Jewish identity while enriching their knowledge base. The small size of our program has allowed us the opportunity to really cater our education to the individual needs of our students. We’re able to check in with the teachers and classes to help manage curriculum and classroom dynamics when need be. 
How to Register:

Mensch Community (Congregation Shaarie Torah)
Contact: Cara Abrams,
Ages/Grades Served: Grades 1-8
Times of Regular Sessions: Sundays 9:30am-12:00pm
Fees: All are welcome regardless of membership. Contact us to discuss costs.
Description: Mensch Community is a consistent learning community for kids in grades 1 – 8 which also invites parents and siblings to build community. Our program is guided by four core values: Fun - We believe in supporting positive Jewish identity through developmentally appropriate learning that is joyful at its core - and therefore fun! Character - We believe in cultivating kindness and practicing being our best selves in a world full of division and isolation. Jewish wisdom offers tools and practices to cultivate these traits, called middot, or soul-traits. Community - We believe in creating authentic relationships and a sense of belonging for our youth and their families, building connections with the greater Shaarie Torah community as well as the greater Portland metro community. Confidence - We believe in providing access to Judaism’s wisdom through exposure, and customizing learning goals based on specific skills/areas of content important to each family. This value helps bring to life our student- and family-centered approach.
How to Register:

Nashira Project  (Congregation Shir Tikvah)
Contact: Katie Schneider, 503-473-8227,
Ages/Grades Served: PreK - 7th grade
Times of Regular Sessions: 18 Sundays/year at 10 am-noon. 6th and 7th grades meet on Saturdays, variable times.
Fees: $460 (Members), $725 (non-members)
Description: Nashira means “let us sing”. Our mission is to help children find their own Jewish voice through exposure to the joy and richness of our texts, culture and ritual. We use a hands-on approach to appeal to a wide range of learners. We welcome all parents raising Jewish children, regardless of family background and in all expressions of human diversity. Finances should not be a barrier to Jewish education - please contact us to discuss options that respect both your family situation and our community resources.  

Havurah Shalom Shabbat, Middle and High Schools
Contact: Deborah Eisenbach-Budner, (503) 248-4662, ext. 5,, 
Ages/Grades Served: K-12 
Times of Regular Sessions: Havurah Shalom Shabbat School (Grades K-6) involves approximately 17 Saturday sessions, 3-5:15 pm. We start our Shabbat School year with an event in May, with the full school year running from fall (September/October) to spring (May). Middle and High School meet on consecutive Wednesday evenings. Dinner at 6:30 pm followed by class. The middle school program runs from fall to winter and the high school program runs from fall to spring.
Fees: Membership dues and a small tuition fee.
Description: Havurah Shalom is a participatory and inclusive Reconstructionist synagogue. Our supplemental K-12 education programs celebrate Jewish identity, customs, and practices; foster meaningful social connections and lifelong friendships; and involve hands-on engagement with tikkun olam, history, art, cooking, current events, and more. The Shabbat School (K-6) is based on a staff-guided, family-cooperative model, in which parents serve as teachers. Havurah Middle School and Havurah High School classes are specifically taught by professional educators.
How to Register: Registration for Shabbat School is closed for the coming year. To learn more, go to The Havurah Middle School and Havurah High School are open to the children of Havurah members. More information is available at

Kol Shalom Sunday School
Contact: Walt Hellman, 503-459-4210,
Ages/Grades Served: Ages 5-8 for Aleph class 11-12 for Mitzvah class
Times of Regular Sessions: Aleph class meets two Sundays per month 1-3 pm at Taborspace in SE Portland; Mitzvah class meets once per month at either EJC or MJCC.
Fees: Aleph Class:  Non-members $550, Members $250; Mitzvah class (membership required): $375 - $500 depending on enrollment.
Description: Kol Shalom provides a humanistic Jewish Sunday School education emphasizing Jewish history, culture and traditions including holidays. Ethical instruction is based on humanistic rather than supernatural principles. The program is humanistic, not theistic. Belief in God is not taught. A goal of the program is not to indoctrinate, but to give a solid background in Judaism so that students can make their own informed choices about belief when they grow up. Children from intercultural families are welcome. The Mitzvah program is taught by Rabbi Mary Raskin, president of the Society for Humanistic Judaism. Classes are a major part of fulfilling Kol Shalom’s requirement to become bar or bat mitzvah. 

Chabad Hebrew Club (Chabad Clark County)
Contact: Tzivie Greenberg, 360-993-5222,
Ages/Grades Served: Ages 5-12
Times of Regular Sessions: Sundays, Oct-May at 11am
Fees: $425
Description: At Chabad Hebrew Club  we strive to capture children’s love and enthusiasm for all things Jewish through an immersive and meaningful curriculum. Through crafts, STEM and storytelling we go on a journey that will leave them feeling proud in their Jewish identity, self-confident, and empowered.
How to Register:

Chabad Hebrew School NE PDX
Ages/Grades served: Ages 4-13
Times of Regular Sessions: Sundays, 10 am - Noon
Fees: $690
How to Register:

Beit Haverim Religious School
Contact Name, Phone Number and Email Address: Jaime Gross 503-568-1241
Ages/Grades Served:  Pre-k through 7th grade
Times of Regular Sessions: Sunday's 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Description: At Beit Haverim, our religious school helps children build a strong Jewish identity and commitment to Judaism. At every grade level, pre-K through 7th, we build community through study and practice of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), Tzedakah (charitable giving), T'fillah (worship), and Torah. Superb teaching staff Celebrate the holidays and festivals Jewish enrichment with prayer, song, food, and Israeli dancing.
How to Register:




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