The colors of the Torah

PHOTO: Debbie Plawner's Oracolor deck uses a color-aligned system to make Torah teachings accessable for those seeking personal development. (Gloria Hammer for The Jewish Review)

For The Jewish Review
Debbie Plawner has spent her career as a market researcher and strategic consultant, conducting global studies for high tech giants, universities and non-profits. She now applies her understanding of color to helping people tap into the wisdom of color.
Oracolor Torah wisdom cards is a deck of cards for understanding how to direct energy. Oracolor applies color theory to major teachings of the Torah for personal inquiry, intention setting and spiritual exploration. 
“According to Kabbalah, every week has its own energy and opportunities for transformation,” Plawner said. “Tapping into the week’s energy empowers us to make major changes we yearn for in our lives.”
With a deep love of her Jewish roots, Plawner created Oracolor because she hoped the Torah could help her find balance in her career, marriage, motherhood and the loss of a parent. Through her studies, she said, “I grew to understand Torah in an inner, profound and joyful way.”
Her program illuminates pathways for those seeking direction, clarity or the energy needed to make changes in life. She calls this a comprehensive exploration for mind, body, heart and spirit. She offers card readings, plus an introductory class and quarterly classes for the High Holidays.
“Ora means ‘light’ in Hebrew. Light is the energy we see in the world through the spectrum of color,” Plawner said. “By taking core concepts of the Torah and connecting them with specific colors, they work together to become infused with energy.”
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Gloria Hammer, a Portland educator and Pilates instructor, was a producer for OPB’s Emmy-nominated documentary “The Three Rabbis.”


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