Circle of Life

I have always appreciated your openness to my sharing my thoughts with you, the Portland Jewish community. Well, early this week, my father, Myron Blattner (z”l), unexpectedly passed away. My dad lived in Orlando, Florida and was a simple man. He never seemed to want financial success, as he believed he was the richest man in the world due to his true love affair with my mother for 40+ years prior to her death, and his love for his children and grandchildren.

In life, we all get exposed to death. For many, the loss of life does not come at the right time while others may describe it as a blessing. For my father, I believe it was both – certainly unexpected, yet he felt so alone without my mother these past 5½  years.

At the same time, I feel sadness for my children (ages 11 and 10) that two of their grandparents (both my parents) are gone. In fact, my son, who recently watched the movie, Annie, told me that I was now an orphan. It certainly changes my perspective knowing that I am the oldest generation in my family – at the age of 43.

We are on our way to Orlando for the memorial service. It makes me sad to know that my children’s two most recent visits to Orlando will have been for funerals. Most families visiting Orlando are going for fun and positive family memories. I hope they cherish their wonderful memories of their “Pepa,” just as I will cherish my thoughts about my dad.

May his memory be for a blessing (it will be), and my family is grateful for your support during this difficult time.

Shabbat shalom.



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