16 2023

A Sweet Year for Wee Jews Ages 0 to 5 with Havurah Shalom

9:30AM - 10:00AM  

Tiffany Center 1410 SW Morrison Street
2nd Floor
Portland, OR 97205

Contact Rachel Pollak
(503) 248-4662, ext. 2

A Sweet Year for Wee Jews (ages to 5) with Havurah Shalom

Free and open to all, please be sure to RSVP/sign up for the Wee Jews service here:

A half hour of singing and stories about the holiday for the to 5 crowd and their parents. We'll be in person at the 2nd floor of the Tiffany Center. This activity will not be streamed online.

For complete information about High Holidays at Havurah Shalom, please visit