18 2024

Israel: A Light Unto Nations, Even in the Darkest of Times

7:00PM - 9:00PM  


Contact Saul Korin
206.760.1188 x973

Event Description: For over 120 years, Jewish National Fund-USA has helped the land and people of Israel continue to be a light unto nations – amidst the darkest of times. Together, as a community, we will stand in solidarity and help provide essential aid where it’s needed most.

Speaker Description: Discover how Tania, a 21st-century pioneer, and the Kasser Joint Institute is transforming arid regions globally, including Israel, through vital resource development and applied research. Learn how their impact, in collaboration with the University of Arizona and the Arava Regional Council, is empowering communities in Africa and around the world with innovations to ensure food, water and energy security.

Sponsor: Jewish National Fund-USA, Israel360, Climate Action Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland