11 2018

Rosh HaShanah Day 2 - Portland's UnShul

9:30AM - 1:00PM  

Rabbi Debra Kolodny 3651 SW Custer Street
Portland, OR 97219

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Rosh HaShanah Day 2 - Portland's UnShul

We will start Day Two lifting our voices in song and prayer followed by Rabbah D’vorah’s workshop:

  • Artful Dialogue Across the Political Divide
  • Tashlich
  • We conclude with apples & honey and a potluck brunch

Join Portland's UnShul, a lyrical, mystical, queer drenched, passionately activist, spiritually intimate Jewish community, as we immerse ourselves in tshuvah work which includes and transcends personal atonement. Through traditional and renewed prayer and spiritual practice we will immerse ourselves in our kavanah/intention for the year: The Gestation of our Liberation - Building the world we seek together.

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