28 2015

Rabbi Bar Ami - Watch a Jewish Scribe at Work

12:00PM - 1:00PM  

Congregation Shaarie Torah: Conservative 920 NW 25th Avenue
Portland, OR

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Kabbalistic Sofer Rabbi Bar Ami is coming to Portland July 28th!

Born to a family of scribes, Rabbi Bar-Ami has applied his extensive knowledge of Jewish sources and his skills as a scribe to the creation of a new art form, uniquely and deeply Jewish in its concept. He is the director of Oht Leolam Academy. The goal of the Academy is to present the Holy language in all of its beauty and spiritual richness. 

Rabbi Bar-Ami has generously extended his invitation to all those who are interested in watching a scribe at work. If you would like to observe a Sofer in the act of Tikkun Torah--the fixing (aka 'healing') of the Torah, come to Congregation Shaarie Torah, where all guests are invited to observe this Torah scholar in action. Unique and specified tools for this act will be utilized. Questions are encouraged.

This is a free opportunity that is open to the entire community between 12pm-1pm, Tuesday, July 28th.

AND don't forget to attend the evening events with the Rabbi
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