27 2019

EJC End of Passover Party

7:00PM - 11:00PM  

Venue 101
In the same building as Revolution Hall. 1300 SE Stark St
Portland , OR 97214


Eastside Jewish Commons is all about building a more connected and involved Jewish community on the Eastside. In that spirit, we enthusiastically invite you and your family and friends to an End of Passover party. We will be celebrating at the new Venue 101, located at 1300 SE Stark, in the same building as Revolution Hall.

   - From 7:00 pm to 9:01 pm, all-age activities, delicious food and drink that will be respectful of the end of Shabbat and the Passover holiday, including a last-chance afikoman hunt and music from some of our finest local musicians.   - Just after Havdalah, we will bring out the bread!! More music, dancing, food and fun will follow. 

This event will be free, but an RSVP is required. Space is limited, so do it as soon as you can.


Note: EJC is committed to respect for Shabbat and holidays while remaining open to the diversity of ways that our community approaches Jewish life. The food at the End of Passover Party will be vegetarian (no kosher supervision). While we will avoid leavened products until Havdalah, kitniyot (rice and legumes) will not be off limits. We welcome your participation within the bounds of your observance of tradition, and accept that some guests may wish to come AFTER Havdalah.