30 2015

“Hebrew as a Living Language” with Milt Markewitz

3:00PM - 4:30PM  

P'nai Or of Portland: Jewish Renewal 6948 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR

Contact Zmira Lovejoy
(503) 248-4500







In mid-July, Milt had lunch with Rabbi Ted Falcon to discuss the possibility that our People once spoke a very different Hebrew, one that connected us with all of life in a way that precludes us decimating the Earth and its life forms as we are now doing. The implications are planetary, who we are as Jews, and the actions we take to create meaningful lives. The learning is quite straightforward — understanding the ever changing structure of all living systems, discerning the life processes that are integral to the Hebrew (and many other languages), and recognizing the enlightened consciousness that emanates from such languages.

We’ll go through the outline Milt shared with Ted, share some of his feedback, and have a healthy conversation. Milt, through his study of our Ancient Hebrew, has found a source of understanding life in a way that helps us re-tell our stories as well as make deep connections with those Peoples whose every utterance is about creating, nurturing or living life.

It is from such languages that we grasp what it means to live in ecological and social balance and harmony – providing a comprehensive response to global climate change.

Sponsor: P'nai Or of Portland