22 2017

Rosh Hashanah Alternative Spiritual Learning at Neveh Shalom

9:30AM - 1:30PM  

Congregation Neveh Shalom 2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, OR 97239
503-246-8831 (Phone)
503-246-7553 (Fax)

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Rosh Hashanah Alternative Spiritual Learning at Neveh Shalom

High Holiday services at Neveh Shalom, an open and egalitarian community, are led by Rabbi David Kosak, Cantor Eyal Bitton and Rabbi Eve Posen. We offer lively young child services as well as K-6 appropriate family experiences. We welcome all to experience the New Year with Neveh Shalom.

On the second day of Rosh Hashanah, please join us for these special alternative adult learning experiences. These sessions are FREE AND OPEN TO ALL. NO TICKETS REQUIRED

10:00am: Ten Texts on Teshuva
Mel Berwin, Room 101
Turning, repenting, returning. Even the translation of the word teshuva has multiple meanings. We’ll delve into ten different texts from traditional to contemporary on the meaning and practice of teshuva, with the goal of deepening our connection to the ritual and reflective aspects of our holy days. Texts in Hebrew and English, all are welcome.

11:00am: Turning Our Hearts to One Another: The Jewish Perspective on the Parent-Child Relationship
Rabbi David Kosak, Room 101
During the High Holidays, we tend to think about how we get along with people. One of the most important and complicated relationships in our lives is with our parents and children. Part of the complexity is how drastically those roles change as we age. The fifth commandment tells us to honor our parents. What does that mean? What are the limits of our obligations? On the opposite end, what do parents owe their children?

12:00pm: Dedication of the New Year
Rabbi Eve Posen, Room 101
Together we’ll look at the words our tradition has used from the 11th century through the 21st century to dedicate and frame the beginning of a new year. No Hebrew required.

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