14 2017


15 2017

Adult-Only Hanuka Shabbat at Gesher

6:00PM - 9:30PM  

Gesher: A Bridge Home (Outreach and Welcome to Unaffiliated Jews) 10701 SW 25th Avenue
Portland, OR

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Community Shabbat Dinner and Hanukah Celebration

Singles and Couples without children are invited to a delicious Shabbat dinner and joyous Hanukah celebration at Gesher, the Home of Rabbi Laurie Rutenberg and Rabbi Gary Schoenberg.

Create community together amidst the darkness of the season and savor the deep replenishment of Shabbat and the light and hope of Hanukah.  Rabbi Gary and Rabbi Laurie will provide soup, challahs and latkes. Please bring a festive salad or other vegetarian dish to share.  We welcome you to bring your own Hanukah menorah (Hanukiyah) and to join us with Hanukah conversation, music (you are welcome to bring your instrument!) and stories.   

If you arrive by 5, you can make your own Hanukah menorah to take home and help with the latkes.  No cost.  RSVP a MUST at or 503 246-5070.